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Although it represents one of the biggest mobility markets in the world, New York City stood aside from the micro-mobility trend for some time. In August 2021, the Big Apple launched its first-ever shared e-scooter pilot program. Since then, the pilot project has spread over a large part of the Bronx borough with 5,000 vehicles e-scooters and mopeds deployed. NYCDOT prides itself in betting on the “slow and steady” approach. The goal is to ensure that the program runs in the safest way possible for the city residents and visitors. Blue Systems is assisting the City in reaching the key milestones of the shared mobility program through the robust policymaking and enforcement.


Specific use case:

A real time dashboard for monitoring compliance with regulations and issuing automated fines


  • Enable the City to create rules and regulations for specific areas
  • Enable the City to monitor compliance with the rules and regulations in real time
  • Enable the City to issue automated fines to mobility operators in violation of the rules
  • Create special speed limit zones throughout the program area
  • Ensure that beginners will use e-scooters safely
  • Create special no-riding and no-parking zones
  • Prohibit cluttering of idle e-scooters
  • Ensure frequent maintenance and service of e-scooters
Figure 1

Solutions with Mobility Manager:

  • Setup a data platform to display real time mobility data in a precise mirror image of the streets to enable efficient enforcement
  • Setup areas and apply no-riding, no-parking, and many more policies to those areas
  • Draw designated parking corrals within the tool to be replicated with infrastructure
  • Implement a “beginner mode” as an extension to the MDS to enable safer riding by beginners
  • Record time spent in each status by scooters all over the city to detect idle ones.
  • Keep track in real time of the maintenance status for each device deployed
  • Provide consulting services to the City to maximize the use of Mobility Manager and ensure program success
  • Provide analysis and innovative experiments to tackle problems caused by hardware limits and data imprecision
  • Develop alternative methods of policy enforcement to achieve a high level of confidence to enforce SLAs and generate fining invoices through the Platform.
  • Back up every KPI and violation with data commonly accepted by operators in anticipation of potential challenges of the fines
Figure 2

Key Figures

Data security: Blue Systems is ISO27001 certified. All data is processed and stored in a safe and secure manner complying with the most stringent regulations and exceeding industry standards.