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Press release 13 décembre 2021


Today, Blue Systems and Spin announced a partnership to provide a new, ground-breaking data dashboard to select cities across the US, aimed at boosting pedestrian safety by eliminating sidewalk riding and improper parking using Spin Insight Level 2 powered by Drover, while providing city officials with a valuable data visualization to show Spin’s rider compliance. Through this partnership, cities will have access to data that will help them identify problem areas for Spin riders, giving them the information they need to make infrastructure improvements like bike lanes or scooter corrals for parking, and regulatory changes to micromobility programs. 

”Spin is proud of its record of collaboration with cities to develop solutions that benefit their residents and visitors,” said Ted Bronstein, Senior Vice President – Business at Spin. “We are pleased to partner with Blue Systems to help cities compile the data they need to make informed infrastructure and micromobility program decisions. This is Spin’s latest step in creating a suite of products that empower cities with tools to meet the growing mobility needs of residents and visitors.”

Key to this collaboration is Spin Insight Level 2 powered by Drover AI. In seven U.S. cities* Spin has 1,300 vehicles deployed with a camera-based technology developed by Drover AI. The camera examines images in real-time and can determine whether a Spin rider is on a sidewalk, a road, in a bike lane or a proper parking area. When sidewalk riding is recognized, the vehicle can be safely slowed down to 6mph within seconds and the built-in speaker issues an alert to notify both the rider and nearby pedestrians that there is a vehicle on the sidewalk. Spin Insight Level 2 powered by Drover AI can also determine if a scooter has been parked correctly and out of the way of pedestrians and those with disabilities, while alerting the rider and Spin’s operations team of any parking mishaps. 

Information collected by Spin Insight Level 2 will be monitored, analyzed and regulated through Blue System’s Mobility Manager platform. The platform will visualize and display aggregated historical data received from Spin Insight Level 2, in an easy-to-read dashboard that details whether sidewalk riding is taking place, to what degree, in what areas of the city and at what times of day. City officials will also have access to data on how and where scooters are being parked. Based on this information, cities can make informed, data-driven decisions about micromobility programs, regulations and infrastructure impacting safety of pedestrians and street users. 

“We are all in this together,” said Blue Systems CEO Christophe Arnaud, “and safer e-scooter programs will benefit literally everyone in the micro-mobility ecosystem. We are proud to work with Spin to offer this solution to cities where we operate and are eager to explore opportunities with all cities that have e-scooter programs.”


About Blue Systems Smart Mobility:

Blue Systems was established several years ago as a tech startup within the Bolloré Group. For decades, the Group has been a prominent market player in electric shared mobility, clean tech and digital solutions optimizing the flow of people, materials and data. Building upon synergies among several entities within the Bolloré Group, Blue Systems was established to provide state-of-the-art smart mobility and smart city software solutions to cities and private companies across the globe. The company mission is to offer innovative and adaptable data processing solutions to cities facing a host of daily challenges in the field of urban mobility. In 2019, Blue Systems launched in Los Angeles providing the city the first in its kind Mobility Manager Platform. Today, Blue Systems Smart Mobility Platforms are deployed in cities in the US, Europe and the Middle East connecting over 100,000 vehicles and devices and processing over 80,000 trips daily.


About Spin:

Spin is the micromobility unit of Ford Motor Company. The company operates electric bikes and scooters on North American and European cities and campuses. Spin launched the first-ever stationless bike share program in the United States and was instrumental in crafting the world’s first mobility permitting system that is now used around the world. Spin consists of a diverse team of experienced professionals from government and private sectors, and the transportation advocacy world, all of whom are committed to fulfilling the company’s mission – to help create a world full of 15 minute cities. https://www.spin.app



Press & Partners: James Delgado, VP Bus Dev for North America / james.delgado@bluesystems.ai Christophe Arnaud, CEO / christophe.arnaud@bluesystems.ai

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