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Press release 3 novembre 2021

Blue Systems Endorsed Privacy Principles for Mobility Data


Los Angeles                                                                                                                                     November 3, 2021

On October 28, 2021, the New Urban Mobility alliance (NUMO), North American Bikeshare & Scootershare Association (NABSA), and Open Mobility Foundation (OMF) announced the launch of the Privacy Principles for Mobility Data “to help guide the mobility ecosystem in the responsible use of data and the protection of individual privacy.”

Along with representatives from more than 20 cities, technology companies, privacy advocates and academics, Blue Systems’ own Irina Slavina participated in the development of the Principles, which are intended to serve as a guiding “North Star” for the entire mobility ecosystem.

“It was definitely a collaborative process,” commented Irina, who serves on the Security, Privacy and Transparency Committee of the OMF as a voting member. “For over a year, everyone was working hard on achieving consensus for the ultimate benefit of mobility users whose privacy rights are at stake.”

The Principles are a set of values intended to guide mobility ecosystem in the responsible handing of mobility data. With that, individual right to privacy in the realm of mobility was positioned as utmost priority.

Blue Systems was the first mobility data processing company and mobility data vendor for cities, who endorsed the Principles. “We at Blue Systems are very proud to endorse the Principles in our own name,” said Blue Systems CEO Christophe Arnaud. “For years, we have been building and improving our smart mobility platforms with individual privacy by default and by design.”

Indeed, Blue Systems products – Mobility Manager, Parking Manager, and other solutions, all have extensive external and internal mechanisms to ensure the ultimate and utmost protection of individual privacy. For example, due to the rounding of the GPS coordinates for both trip origins and trip destinations, it is nearly impossible to ever reverse-engineer the trip data to ascertain the identity of riders.

In addition, Mobility Manager employs a trip minimization technique which allows hiding individual trips below a certain threshold, as determined with our city customers. Finally, Blue Systems employs strong data security measures to minimize the risk of any unauthorized access to our customers data in the first place. These measures include, among other things, data isolation, strong database access controls, personnel security, periodic vulnerability assessments and pen tests, and many others.

“We are committed to be guided by the Privacy Principles as we serve the cities we work with,” said Christophe. “It will benefit the entire mobility ecosystem and we are proud to play our role in this process.”


About Blue Systems Smart Mobility:

Blue Systems was established several years ago as a tech startup within the Bolloré Group. For decades, the Group has been a prominent market player in electric shared mobility, clean tech and digital solutions optimizing the flow of people, materials and data. Building upon synergies among several entities within the Bolloré Group, Blue Systems was established to provide state-of-the-art smart mobility and smart city software solutions to cities and private companies across the globe. The company mission is to offer innovative and adaptable data processing solutions to cities facing a host of daily challenges in the field of urban mobility. In 2019, Blue Systems launched in Los Angeles providing the city the first in its kind Mobility Manager Platform. Today, Blue Systems Smart Mobility Platforms are deployed in cities in the US, Europe and the Middle East connecting over 100,000 vehicles and devices and processing over 80,000 trips daily.


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