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Parking Manager is a smart platform that aggregates, centralizes and optimizes all parking operations within a city. It consolidates curbside management tools, datasets, and existing processes in one comprehensive solution. The Platform provides an easy way to manage digital permitting system, residency verification and parking ticket payments while integrating parking enforcement.

Key Characteristics of Parking Manager:

Open and adaptable platform – like MDS but for parking!

  • Connection is made easy due to simplicity of design and support provided
  • Flexibility allows the module to support various city requirements and dynamic pricing

Ease of use

  • Back office is designed to be quick and provide numerous shortcuts to facilitate navigation through enormous amounts of data
  • Complete digitalization of user experience saves time and money

Data security

  • Data will ALWAYS belong to the City, and will be accessible in a well-documented and structured format instantaneously
  • All data is processed and stored in a safe and secure way adhering to the most stringent data security principles
  • The system uses deep learning processes to continuously improve

With our Parking Manager, cities are able to:

  • Define parking pricing centrally and make it available to all actors
  • Collect real-time data from public and private parking operators
  • Create a central parking index to simplify and accelerate control operations
  • Optimize parking enforcement through an automated data analysis of parking patterns
  • Manage parking tickets and fines from issuance to payment
  • Offer a web portal dedicated to users for payment and dispute
  • Have a real-time view on parking spaces are being used
Bloc Img Parking Manager

Benefits for cities:

Cities receive a significant and tangible benefit from using our Parking Manager. City staff will be able to see a dashboard with all parking operations within the city in real time. All parking violations will be flagged which will allow to optimize enforcement routes and send patrol teams to the areas with most violations. In turn, it will increase city parking revenue.

Furthermore, citation management technology gives drivers incentives to pay their parking fines at the time of the violation, significantly increasing the percentage of all fines actually collected by cities. In essence, once implemented, this technology will pay for itself!

As another benefit, cities will be able to regain control of their parking operations no matter how many and which parking operators they use. Parking Manager is agnostic to operators and make them easily replaceable and interchangeable.

Bloc Img 1 Parking Manager