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Gain valuable insights to manage your taxi/TNC operations

Blue Systems is a data company providing airports a cloud-based Platform to connect and visualize data from everything that moves and is stationary on the airport grounds. Collect data from taxis, TNCs, as well as parking sensors, cameras and other connected infrastructure, to gain a complete, comprehensive picture of airport operations, manage your curb space dynamically, and enact smart, data-driven policies and regulations.

Mobility Data Analytics  

Gain insights into how taxi and TNC companies use airport grounds

Blue Systems Airport Data Platform will ingest data from your taxi companies and TNCs and will display all relevant information and KPIs in one unified dashboard. You will be able to see a detailed breakdown of fleet-related data, including:

  • the number of vehicles in the fleet for each operator,
  • the number of distinct vehicles on airport grounds each day,
  • the number of trips to and from the airport daily,
  • the distance and average speed of each trip,
  • the starting and ending points of trips to/from the airport,
  • the average and actual dwell time at airport grounds for each vehicle, etc.
Airport Taxi Map

Curb Data Analytics 

Understand curb usage to maximize safety and efficiency for drivers and passengers alike

Digitize your curb space, create in-depth digital curb inventory and monitor the usage of your curb space in real time and historically by taxi companies, TNCs, and all other stakeholders. The data could be collected in both MDS and CDS formats from mobility operators and connected infrastructure, such as parking sensors and cameras. The Platform data will enable smart, data-driven policymaking and regulation of commercial activity within your airport.

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Regulation Compliance 

Enact and enforce mobility and curbside policies to promote desired behavior

Granular data analytics into your airport operations will enable smart, data-driven mobility and curb usage policies to achieve more efficient, equitable and safer operations within your airport. You will be able to monitor compliance with your rules and policies in real time and historically by all actors. And if the airport authorities so choose, remote enforcement is available with penalty points or monetary fines – all within the Platform. For example, the lowest scoring taxi company could have its airport permit non-renewed for violating the rules for unlawful parking, exceeding maximum dwell time, etc.


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