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San José

As a Capital of Silicon Valley, San Jose actually spearheads innovation for the entire world. In January 2020, we were honored to be awarded a public tender of the City of San Jose for the implementation of the mobility data processing platform. Having launched in Los Angeles six months earlier, it was our second Mobility Manager implementation in the United States. By now, the Platform had evolved, fully reflecting the City’s mobility vision and connecting not only e-scooters but also autonomous delivery robots.

Specific use case: connecting e-scooters and autonomous delivery robots for contactless deliveries

A dynamic dashboard for monitoring scooters and delivery robots and analyzing real time and historical data for the purposes of creating smart urban mobility policies.

Where we started:

  • The Platform was launched pre-pandemic to monitor and regulate shared mobility vehicles (e-scooters and e-bikes)
  • The City implemented MDS Agency API requirement, one of the first cities in the nation to do so
  • By analyzing real time and historical mobility data, the City is able to enact smart regulations based on that data
  • The City monitors deployment in disadvantaged communities where mobility providers are incentivized to operate
  • Mobility Manager helps the City monitor for scooters unlawfully dropped off in parking garages or thrown in waterways.
  • The City utilizes heat mapping of street segments to identify heavily used streets and plan potential infrastructure changes
  • Mobility Manager helps the City to evaluate micromobility usage patterns and evaluate/implement new policies
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How we evolved:

  • The Covid pandemic generated a demand for contactless and autonomous food deliveries
  • In September 2020, Kiwibot arrived in the City with their fleet of semi-autonomous robots to deliver food orders from restaurants to residents and visitors of San Jose
  • We adapted Mobility Manager to be able to accommodate this new type of vehicles and new types of MDS events
  • We worked with Kiwibot to onboard the company and connect them to the Mobility Manager via MDS Provider API
  • The City now is able to track robots in real time on Mobility Manager
  • The City can further utilize robots to identify empty tree wells and sidewalks or curbs needing repair
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Ramses Madou, Division Manager, Planning, Policy, and Sustainability, Transportation Department, City of San Jose :

“We have one of the safest roadway systems among cities in California and possibly the whole country. To do even better, we have launched Vision Zero San Jose program to prioritize street safety and ensure all road users — whatever the travel mode — are safe. We have chosen Blue Systems Mobility Manager to help achieve this goal. Because we receive mobility data in near real time, we are able to optimize enforcement of safety regulations and urban planning and make data-driven strategic decisions. Importantly Blue Systems is enabling us to this with minimal staff. This technology enables us to understand mobility patterns and to monitor and regulate shared mobility operators to ensure safety on our streets and equitable and efficient operation of mobility services. It is also helping us understand how other emerging modes like sidewalk delivery robots can enter the city in a safe and equitable way.”

Key figures

All data is processed, accessed and stored in a safe and secure manner complying with the most stringent regulations and industry standards.