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In 2021, Transport for London (TfL) and some participating London boroughs launched their first-ever shared e-scooter pilot program and selected Blue Systems to help effectively manage it. But London has a unique specificity – the city is divided into 32 boroughs and the City of London, each of which has its own mobility rules and regulations applicable to each respective jurisdiction. In addition, TfL is the transportation authority that supervises the entire transportation landscape in the overall London area.

To make sure that the program runs consistently, TfL procured Blue Systems Platform for the entire region and gave certain limited access to the participating boroughs. With such a multijurisdictional aspect, the challenge was to make sure that the data was properly accessed by users from different jurisdictions and with varying permission levels.


Multi-jurisdiction data management

  • Grant TfL users access to see mobility data for the entire London area;
  • Authorize TfL users to enact mobility and parking rules and regulations for the entire region;
  • Grant access to each participating borough to view mobility data pertinent to this jurisdiction only;
  • Authorize borough users to enact mobility regulations pertinent solely to their respective jurisdictions;  
  • Enable TfL and the boroughs to monitor compliance with their regulation and impose penalty points or monetary fines for non-compliance
Tfl E Scooter Trial Map


Geographically filtered

data visualization

Blue Systems Mobility Manager Platform is a robust tool designed to accommodate users from complex geographies with different levels of access. The Platform enables TfL to have an overall vision and access to data from the entire region while the participating boroughs can only visualize and access the data pertinent to their respective jurisdictions. In this way, each borough can have a deep understanding of the current mobility situation at the local level and enact data-driven policies for their specific geographies, while being compliant with TfL’s overall regulatory scheme.

Granular read/write

permission management

Data security is one of Blue Systems’ best assets. The Platform features a system of role-based access and permissions depending on the role and responsibility of staff members of each stakeholder. For instance, only the selected authorized supervisors are able to see raw data, and only certain personnel are allowed to publish new mobility and parking policies within the Platform.


for specific jurisdictions within the Platform

Mobility Manager enables TfL and each participating borough to set mobility and parking policies and regulations solely for their respective jurisdictions. For example, Camden is able to make geo-fences for no-riding and no-parking zones only within this borough, automatically communicate these rules to the mobility operators, and enforce non-compliance all within the Platform. At the same time, TfL users maintain visibility on all policies, including those set by the boroughs.


Data security: All data is processed, accessed, stored in a safe and secure manner complying with the most stringent regulations and industry standards.