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A dynamic curb data platform to digitize your curb inventory and effectively manage curb operations in your city


Collect data on your curb assets, rules and regulations from all sources and convert them into CDS-based digital format:

  • Collect data on all curb assets, including parking signs, parking spaces, road closures, fire hydrants, loading zones, parking meters, etc.
  • Digitize all curb and parking rules and regulations for every curb space in the city
  • Create a digital twin of your city curb operations
Curbside Inventory Report (3)


Visualize all curb-related data to easily identify and address curb challenges and effectively prioritize curb usage in your city:

  • View real-time and historical curb data generated by all participants to measure curb demand and utilization
  • Analyze curb data to effectively meet curb demand and create dynamic curb spaces
  • Identify who curb users are in each case to enact regulations accordingly
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Digitally manage curbside spaces in your city to optimize public right of way for all:

  • Enact smart, data-driven curb rules and regulations based on the actual usage data
  • Fully optimize curb usage with dynamic, real-time regulations
  • Inform your curb users on curb rules and availability with digital signs
  • Monitor compliance with your policies and enforce non-compliance