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In August 2021, the Big Apple launched its first-ever shared e-scooter pilot program and selected Blue Systems to help manage it.

“As part of the solicitation process, DOT contracted a third-party data manager, Blue Systems, to aggregate, process, and visualize fleet, trip, and user data. Using MDS, DOT can enforce operational and parking requirements, fleet levels, and geographic boundaries. DOT accesses the information via direct feeds from the operators and through an online interface provided by Blue Systems.” – East Bronx Shared E-Scooter Pilot final report.

NYC DOT prides itself in betting on the “slow and steady” approach. Its goal was to ensure that the program runs in the safest way possible for the City residents and visitors. Blue Systems has successfully enabled the City to achieve this goal with the help of our Smart Mobility Platform- by empowering NYCDOT with robust policymaking and enforcement.


Even before e-scooters’ arrival on the city streets, NYC DOT has tasked Blue Systems with a challenge of helping the city ensure utmost safety of the micromobility program by means of Blue Systems Mobility Manager. The city had several mechanisms in mind, including: 

  • Special, more stringent program rules for beginners; 
  • Robust policymaking based on data; 
  • Stringent safety-related regulations;  
  • Remote SLA enforcement within the Platform; and
  • Monetary fines attached to violations by the mobility operators. 
E-scooter riders in New York City

Solutions with Blue Systems Mobility Manager

Extra safety measures

for beginners

NYC DOT was concerned with safety risks associated with e-scooter usage by inexperienced riders. Blue Systems worked closely with the city and e-scooter companies to develop, implement and enforce a “Beginner Mode” – when the first three e-scooter trips of any new rider can only happen during the daytime hours and under a certain much slow speed limit. This was possible by way of developing an anonymized user identification system across all New York City mobility operators while giving the city an ability to monitor compliance and enforce violations. 

Safe e-scooter


By means of Blue Systems Mobility Manager, NYC DOT is able to set geo-fences for no-riding and no-parking zones, automatically communicate those rules to the operators and enforce non-compliance all within the Platform. The Platform’s better-than-GPS data quality capability comes particularly useful for e-scooter parking enforcement, making it precise and fair for the operators and eliminating disputes over GPS imprecision.

Enforcing e-scooter

speed limit restrictions 

Riding an e-scooter can be very joyful and fun, if done responsibly. Capping speed limits significantly contributes to the overall safety of everyone on the road, including pedestrians and other vehicles. Blue Systems Mobility Manager tracks every violation of the speed limit restrictions, which can be detected and enforced against violating devices within the Platform. 

Keeping e-scooters

in a good working condition 

Another key aspect of shared devices safety is the condition of the devices themselves. Thanks to the MDS data feeds monitoring, Blue Systems Mobility Manager enables NYC DOT to properly check the last scooter maintenance date and the duration of the last maintenance, keeping operators accountable and eventually reducing probability of e-scooter malfunction, injuries and accidents. 

Generating and processing monetary fines

for all SLA violations

The rules are only as good as the consequences for not following them. Luckily, Mobility Manager equipped the City with a system that automatically detects and tracks violations of all SLAs, and then at the end of each month, computes the total monetary fine for all violations based on the numbers assigned to them by the DOT. The invoices are automatically generated with just a few clicks. This robust system, powered by precise, good quality data, certainly put significant pressure on mobility operators to strive to achieve near perfect compliance with all NYC DOT regulations for shared mobility. 

Key figures

Data security: All data is processed, accessed, stored in a safe and secure manner complying with the most stringent regulations and industry standards.