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As an expert who helped develop and launch several mobility and curb data standards in the recent years, Blue Systems offers a comprehensive set of data analytics and consulting services to help transportation authorities harness the strength of their mobility and curb data. Our team of experts has worked with the largest and most sophisticated departments of transportation around the world (Los Angeles, New York City, London, to name a few) and probably with every shared mobility service provider on both sides of the Atlantic. We consult transportation authorities on how to achieve their mobility and curb management goals with the help of technology and data, to make transportation safer, more equitable, more efficient and greener.


We offer support and consulting services to bring MDS, CDS and other mobility data standards to every DOT in the US and Europe to take full advantage of available data.

We provide services of onboarding mobility providers to meet and comply with data sharing requirements ensuring the viability of the data they share with transportation authorities. Furthermore, if your mobility providers are not compliant with the data standards you require, we can either help them implement the standard every step of the way or develop custom feeds to collect data from them in another fashion. For example, we have recently assisted taxi companies operating in Los Angeles to become MDS-compliant to start sharing MDS data with the City.


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We also established ourselves as the prime choice for developing digital twins for Smart Cities. Our team excels in refreshing design elements, updating technology within sensor and camera management software, and providing innovative digital engineering solutions tailored to any urban environment.

Our digital twin implementations offer a holistic view of urban assets and infrastructure, facilitating better decision-making, enhanced asset management, and improved quality of life for residents. With Blue Systems, cities can confidently embrace the future of urban management, harnessing the power of digital innovation to transform their streets and roads into smart, connected, resilient spaces.

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Blue Systems’ team is composed of experts in GIS configuration to assist cities in setting up GIS files to effectively manage their mobility programs across the city (e.g. equity areas, council districts, boroughs). Our team also performs GIS analysis for cities to gain additional insights on mobility deployment and utilization and help them effectively solve their urban mobility challenges.

Our many years of experience have enabled us to become experts on how to properly manage your GIS implementation and communication with mobility and delivery operators, while properly addressing industry-inherent challenges such as GPS imprecision and other problems of geographical datasets.

Gis Analysis


We provide data audits as well as other ad-hoc data analysis services to ensure cities receive high quality mobility and curb data. Our solutions natively integrate data compliance metrics which will allow us to monitor and analyze mobility operators’ data latency and anomalies in real time.

Our team will verify and ensure the quality of the data shared by mobility operators. We also perform specific, ad-hoc analyses and write reports for stakeholders on various challenges of urban mobility. For example, we have analyzed data on e-scooter sidewalk riding in Chicago over a period of time and helped draft an informative report for the Chicago DOT team.

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Blue Systems’ own Irina Slavina is a licensed attorney and expert on all things related to mobility data sharing, riders’ data privacy and operators’ data security. Irina has assisted Blue Systems city customers with creating the most appropriate legal and regulatory framework for mandating and receiving data from mobility service providers, be that by way of a permit or an agreement, ensuring the proper data protection mechanisms are in place in each case. Irina is also a voting member of the OMF Privacy, Security and Transparency Committee and meets regularly with other data privacy and security experts to be up to date on data privacy and security issues.

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