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A comprehensive cloud-based mobility data platform for everything
that moves in the public right of way


Make your shared mobility programs safer, more efficient and more equitable:

  • View and analyze mobility data (MDS) in real-time and historically
  • Take advantage of the accurate and precise data with our cutting-edge data curation engine
  • Enact and publish smart, data-driven mobility policies and regulations
  • Monitor and enforce compliance with your policies
  • Easily generate reports
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Gain real-time and historical data on bikes and station usage patterns, availability and demand:

  • View and analyze bikeshare data (GBFS) in real-time and historically
  • Monitor bike stations to understand demand and availability
  • Maximize bikeshare program efficiency with data-driven policies on bikeshare stations location and size
  • Take advantage of comprehensive visualization of fleet-related data
  • Easily generate reports
Bikeshare Dashboard


Gain powerful insights of your city’s taxi, TNC & AV operations with a comprehensive view of trip and fleet metrics, usage and trip costs:

  • View and analyze real-time and historical data from taxis, ride-hailing companies and AVs
  • Discover areas of your city underserved by taxi and ride-hailing companies
  • Enact smart, data-driven policies, monitor compliance and enforce non-compliance with monetary fines or penalty points
  • Prepare to welcome AVs to your city
Airport Dashboard


Implement innovative green delivery operations in your city:

  • View and analyze real-time and historical data from delivery robots and cargo bikes
  • Identify the demand and service in the different areas and neighborhoods of the city
  • Analyze GHG emissions savings as a result of using green delivery methods
  • Implement Zero Emission Delivery Zones
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