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  • Mobility

    Monitor and regulate all mobility operators in your city in real-time, analyze mobility trends, create data-driven policies and enforce your regulations within a single Platform.

  • Curb

    Monitor data from all curb operators in real-time. Create and enforce smart curb rules and regulations to optimize your curb space and maximize revenue.

  • Enforcement

    Optimize your enforcement operations, maximize parking and shared mobility revenue and verify the data received from the mobility operators against the actual situation on the ground.

  • Master Mobility
    Services Data Lake

    The Master Mobility Services Data Lake is the Platform’s main data housing and processing component that acts as a data hub for business services, software tools, suites and applications.


    Take advantage of Blue Systems’ expert consulting services in mobility and curb data technology implementation. MDS / CDS integration, city digital twin creation, GIS and ad hoc data analysis, data audits and data sharing legal / compliance consulting services are available.

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