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Grand Lyon

The Métropole de Lyon is a unique jurisdiction comprised of the French City of Lyon and 58 other small municipalities. As a separate authority, the Métropole de Lyon is responsible for developing major urban projects, managing transport, mobility and public roads, and creating and maintaining various EV services. In turn, the City of Lyon is managing shared mobility and electric scooter offerings to its residents and visitors.


One of the city’s challenges was to identify convenient and suitable parking and drop-off areas for e-scooters so they are not being a safety hazard for pedestrians and vehicles alike.  To achieve this goal, the Métropole de Lyon has partnered with the City of Lyon to use our Mobility Manager to carry out city mobility planning in such a way that e-scooters no longer invade public space reserved for pedestrians or vehicles.

Specific use case: based on historical trip data across the city, identify the most popular / most used areas for e-scooters’ pick-ups and drop-offs, to designate the special scooter parking spaces and install the corresponding infrastructure.


  • Identify the busiest scooter usage streets and the priority areas for picking up and dropping off scooters
  • Define the most relevant locations for picking up and dropping off scooters based on priority areas provided by the Platform
  • Verify the accuracy of the locations by creating virtual parking and data analysis zones
  • Transmit rules and digital locations to e-scooters operators in real time
  • Finalize the selection of the locations and proceed with e-scooter parking infrastructure
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Data needed:

  • MDS start, drop-off, and trip data from all e-scooters in operation within the city
  • Permitted fleet size per each parking zone
  • Precise MDS event related to scooter parking:  drop-off, low battery, out of service, etc.
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Solution with Mobility Manager:

  • Create virtual locations for all permitted parking areas within the city
  • Create “prohibited drop-off” policies outside of the created locations
  • Automatically transmit the rules and location updates to operators so that scooter riders are informed in real time
  • Check the actual pick-up and drop-off locations against the virtual locations throughout the day
  • Easily switch between the real and virtual view of parking zones and trips
  • Collect usage data for newly created drop off and parking zones to assess their relevance and readjust the locations if necessary
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Key figures

Data security: All data is processed, accessed, stored in a safe and secure manner complying with the most stringent regulations and industry standards.