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Press release October 15th, 2023

BlueSystems Partners with YCurb to Manage the City of San José Curb Pilot

October 15, 2023, Los Angeles, CA – Since March 2020, Blue Systems has been a trusted mobility data aggregator partner to the City of San José. Since that time, the company has been empowering SJDOT in managing the City’s e-scooter share program by way of its Smart Mobility Platform. This state-of-the-art Platform has the capacity to aggregate and visualize real-time and historical mobility data, such as fleet deployment, trips, routes, and parking., it also enables cities to enact smart data-driven policies, monitor compliance, and enforce city mobility rules all within the Platform.

The City of San José is currently implementing a new pilot program to collect curb inventory with the goals of understanding and optimizing the usage of these spaces to provide the city’s commercial and non-commercial curb users with real-time information on curb utilization. Today, we are thrilled to announce that Blue Systems is assisting the City in this Curb Pilot alongside the curb management company YCurb.

YCurb has developed a GPS-based curb usage tracking solution, capable of converting all curb data sources into the uniform Curb Data Specification (CDS) standard. Both Blue Systems and YCurb will enable San José to effectively collect and visualize accurate curb data within the same unified Platform.

As a result of this notable collaboration, the City of San José will be able to receive live curb events, post curb usage rules, and capture real-time usage data to make data-driven curb policies and regulations and subsequently enable other curb management solutions aiming at reaching San José’s Vision Zero goals.

About Blue Systems Smart Mobility:

Blue Systems is a data company helping transportation authorities achieve their goals in optimizing all urban mobility, having equity, efficiency, accessibility and vision zero in mind. New digital era allows cities to take advantage of all available mobility and curb data in real time and thus truly understand what’s happening on their streets. Blue Systems connects everything that moves and is stationed in the public right of way and gives cities tools to monitor and analyze that data and to enact and enforce data-driven regulations in near real time. It helps make our cities better places to live – with safer streets, available mobility options, optimized curb space, cleaner air and reduced traffic.

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