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Press release February 29th, 2024

Blue Systems is awarded Sourcewell contract for Curb and Mobility Data Management Solutions 

Los Angeles, CA, February 29, 2024– Blue Systems, a trusted data partner to cities around the world, announced today that Sourcewell, a leading North American cooperative purchasing agency, has selected Blue Systems as a prominent provider of Curb and Mobility Management Data Solutions. (Sourcewell contract #120423BLUSY.)

Sourcewell is a self-supporting government organization representing over 50,000 government, education, and non-profit organizations throughout North America. Sourcewell members across all 50 U.S States and Canada can now access a full range of Blue Systems software solutions and services including the Smart City Platform, a cloud-based platform to collect and visualize real time and historical data from everything that moves and is stationary in the public right of way. The Platform is used by cities for the purposes of curb digitization and curb management, mobility data analytics, and smart, data-driven curb and mobility policymaking and enforcement.

“We’re honored to be selected as an awarded company vendor by Sourcewell as it will streamline the procurement process for cities, transportation authorities and universities interested in fostering mobility options and optimizing the use of the curb for the benefits of all participants of the urban mobility ecosystem,” said Christy Hirsch, Blue Systems Head of Growth.

Sourcewell conducts competitive solicitations making it easier for government entities to access the services of trusted and thoroughly vetted vendors. Blue Systems contract is valid for four years, until January 15,2028. Blue Systems maintains a landing page on the Sourcewell portal with additional information regarding the services, procurement process and the contract.

About Blue Systems:

Blue Systems is a data company helping transportation authorities achieve their goals in optimizing curb and urban mobility, having equity, efficiency, accessibility and vision zero in mind. New digital era enables cities to take advantage of all available mobility and curb data in real time and thus truly understand what’s happening on their streets. Blue Systems Smart City Platform connects everything that moves and is stationed in the public right of way and gives cities tools to monitor and analyze that data and to enact and enforce smart, data-driven regulations. It helps make our cities better places to live – with safer streets, available mobility options, optimized curb space, cleaner air, and reduced traffic.

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