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Press release June 28th, 2024

Blue Systems Launches its Mobility Manager Platform In The City of Tempe, Arizona

Los Angeles, CA, 06/28/2024 – The City of Tempe, Arizona has selected Blue Systems as its trusted mobility data partner to help manage its shared micromobility program, demonstrating that small cities like Tempe can also take advantage of intelligent mobility data management solutions to improve urban mobility.

A few years ago, the City of Tempe, home to Arizona State University, welcomed e-scooters to get around the city and offer greener and affordable mobility options to the City’s students, residents and visitors. And the partnership with Blue Systems is a significant milestone enabling the City to shape its urban mobility landscape and to ensure that the City’s shared mobility program is fully compliant with the City’s regulations.

As part of its commitment, Blue Systems will provide the City of Tempe its Mobility Manager, a key component of its innovative Smart City Platform. The Mobility Manager is a robust tool to visualize real time and historical data of shared mobility vehicles, enact smart, data-driven urban mobility policies, monitor compliance with these policies and enforce non-compliance, all within the unified platform. Thanks to multiple features and functionalities of Blue Systems Mobility Manager, mobility programs powered by this Platform run in a safer, more efficient and more equitable manner, as reported by Blue Systems existing customers.

With Blue Systems as a strategic partner, the City of Tempe, along with Blue Systems large city customers, will benefit from a comprehensive set of state-of-the-art mobility data solutions that extend well beyond micromobility, to effectively resolve and address their urban mobility challenges and achieve their Vision Zero goals for the benefit of residents and visitors.

About Blue Systems:

Blue Systems, a pioneering urban mobility data company, equips transportation authorities with the tools and consulting services to transform urban mobility, focusing on equity, efficiency, sustainability and Vision Zero. Leveraging the most advanced digital capabilities, Blue Systems Smart City Platform captures real-time mobility and curb data, offering insights into what’s happening on our streets. The Platform enables effective data analytics, smart, data-driven mobility and curb-related policy-making and regulation enforcement. Blue Systems’ mission is to improve urban living by promoting safer streets, diverse mobility solutions, optimized curb usage, improved air quality, and reduced traffic.