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Press release March 18th, 2024

The City of West Hollywood Partners with Blue Systems to Manage the City’s Shared Mobility Program

Los Angeles, CA, March 18, 2024 – The City of West Hollywood has chosen Blue Systems as its trusted data partner to enhance its shared micromobility program, showcasing a significant leap towards innovative urban mobility solutions. Following an in-depth assessment of various mobility data aggregation firms, Blue Systems emerged as the chosen ally, equipped to spearhead the management of the city’s evolving transportation landscape.

Initiated in July 2021, the City of West Hollywood’s shared micro-mobility initiative—featuring electric scooters and bikes—aims to provide accessible and affordable transportation options to the City’s residents and visitors. The appointment of Blue Systems marks a pivotal step in transforming this initiative from its early stage to a permanent, data-informed phase of operation.

Blue Systems is committed to empowering the City of West Hollywood with its state-of-the-art Smart City Platform. This Platform stands as a testament to advanced data aggregation, offering real-time insights, and fostering smart policy development to ensure full regulatory compliance and enhance shared mobility experiences.

Shared mobility programs can be complex to manage and require thoughtful strategies. That is why the partnership values synergy between Blue Systems, the City of West Hollywood, and the mobility operators. “It is definitely a three-way street, and we are excited to work with the City and the mobility providers on establishing trusted and transparent relationships among all actors involved,” commented Blue Systems Head of Growth Christy Hirsch.

Already recognized as a strategic partner by the City of Los Angeles,  Blue Systems is set to broaden its impact across the Los Angeles region, demonstrating its commitment to tailored, regional mobility advancements. Both jurisdictions have already expressed their interest and sharing mobility data with one another and benefiting from the larger, more comprehensive view of the mobility patterns and trends in the region.

At the end of the day, the City of West Hollywood will benefit from Blue Systems expertise which extends well beyond software solutions, as the company positions itself as a vital consultant in the realm of MDS (Mobility Data Specification) implementation and shared mobility strategies.

About Blue Systems:

 Blue Systems, a pioneering urban mobility data company, equips transportation authorities with the tools and consulting services to transform urban mobility, focusing on equity, efficiency, sustainability and Vision Zero. Leveraging the most advanced digital capabilities, Blue Systems Smart City Platform captures real-time mobility and curb data, offering insights into what’s happening on our streets. The Platform enables effective monitoring, analysis, and the implementation of intelligent data-driven regulations. Blue Systems’ mission is to enhance urban living by promoting safer streets, diverse mobility solutions, optimized curb use, improved air quality, and reduced traffic.