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London has always been one of the most innovative and forward-thinking cities in the world. It’s transportation agency – Transport for London (TfL) is responsible for managing city buses, the Tube, the railway, trams, over 580 km of main city roads and over 6,000 traffic lights. But the city is also divided into 33 boroughs each of which has its own mobility rules and regulations for its own territory. And yet this local governance complexity makes it working with London even more rewarding.  Tfl chose us as a trusted partner to accommodate its multi-jurisdiction specificity, to help make city streets safer as part of its Vision Zero program, to make transportation options available to all and to reduce congestion and emissions, especially in the City’s Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ).

Specific use case:

Accommodate multiple transportation authorities with a specific jurisdiction over a certain territory and a specific access rights to the data platform.  Enable each transportation authority to enact, monitor and enforce its own mobility policies and regulations for its territory only within the Platform.

A real time dashboard for monitoring and regulating mobility providers operating across multiple jurisdictions.


  • To provide each stakeholder with a specific level of access to the data Platform, depending on its authority and geographical jurisdiction
  • To provide a specific level of access to the data Platform to different personnel within the same organization, depending on their position and responsibilities
  • To allow TfL and London boroughs to monitor compliance with the Greater London dockless vehicle byelaws
  • To ensure that TfL and boroughs have access to only the data they need based on their specific authority
  • To enable TfL to analyze mobility data over time and enact policies and regulations n line with the Mayor’s Transport Strategy
  • To enable TfL to assess the e-scooter program by analyzing mobility flows and compliance data over time
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Data needed:

  • MDS start, drop-off, and trip data from permitted vehicles
  • TfL permit requirements and regulations of each participating borough
  • Full-service borough, non-participating and ride-through boroughs
  • No-go and go-slow zones
  • Permitted fleet size and minimum vehicles’ fleet requirements
  • Designated parking areas provided by TfL or full-service boroughs
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Solutions with Mobility Manager:

  • Setup a system of access to the Platform based on the authority and specific geography and jurisdiction
  • Setup a system of role-based access and permissions based on the role and responsibility of staff member of each stakeholder
  • Set-up digital areas of operation for e-scooters based on participating boroughs, non-participating and ride-through boroughs
  • Set-up rules for riding and parking areas, passing only and full ban areas of London
  • Analyze real time and historical trip data from e-scooters and e-bikes
  • Determine safer and more efficient routes and hotspots for new mobility
  • Enact urban mobility rules and regulations based on actual available data
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Data security: All data is processed, accessed, stored in a safe and secure manner complying with the most stringent regulations and industry standards.