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Press release September 6th, 2021

NYC DOT partners with Blue Systems Smart Mobility Platform to manage new e-scooter pilot in the Bronx

As a result of an extensive evaluation of data aggregation and processing companies, NYC DOT has chosen Blue Systems as its trusted partner and Blue Systems Mobility Manager as its mobility data platform to manage the inaugural e-scooter pilot program in the Bronx.

The Pilot

New York City has been one of the largest untapped markets for micromobility companies until earlier this month. On August 17, 2021, NYC DOT launched a 1-to-2-year e-scooter pilot in the East Bronx. Home to approximately 570,000 people, the area has been historically overlooked when it comes to transportation options. Bringing micromobility to the Bronx will enable residents to try scooters to and from countless critical destinations within the Borough.

Up to 6,000 scooters could be potentially brought to this 18-square-mile area of the East Bronx within the second phase of the pilot. Bird, Lime and Veo, the operators selected by NYC DOT for the program, have been active in the community to educate the public about the pilot, such as how to use scooters safely. It was important to NYC DOT that a data aggregator partner be able to support the key elements of the program including providing insights into operators’ safety, equity and accessibility of scooters to the population within the pilot area. Additionally, over a thousand of Lime mopeds operating throughout all five boroughs of the City have been integrated on Blue Systems Mobility Manager as well.

Blue Systems engagement

The complexity of this pilot and novelty of e-scooters in the City has added to the importance of the collaboration between Blue Systems, NYC DOT and the operators. Blue Systems’ role has evolved from a mere solution provider to a trusted advisor on all things related to the MDS implementation. In fact, as an experienced software architect, Blue Systems tech team worked together with Bird, Lime and Veo to define and implement a robust way to integrate and visualize certain datasets at the request of NYC DOT. Notably, New York City is the one of the first cities in the US to implement and take full advantage of the MDS Policy API, making it possible to regulate the scooter companies in real time by publishing mobility policies and notifying the operators in real time. In addition, it was vital for the City to designate and visualize the “ride-through no parking zones” in the pilot area to avoid clutter and maintain safe scooter operation throughout the Borough. “We are excited to collaborate with NYC DOT on this innovative Pilot,” commented Blue Systems Smart Mobility CEO Christophe Arnaud. “We take pride in working closely with all our customers, offering every city our expertise in aggregating and visualizing mobility data and making sure our Platform fully addresses their goals and needs.”

The horizon for Blue Systems

Blue Systems continues its expansion in the US and Europe and has recently launched its services in the Middle East. In addition to Mobility Manager, Blue Systems product portfolio includes MaaS services, MDS data lake server, Smart Parking and Smart Patrol solutions for cities. The company has also launched its Operator Manager – a data visualization tool for mobility providers. Blue Systems also remains committed to the Open Mobility Foundation as one of its founding members.

About Blue Systems Smart Mobility:

Blue Systems was established several years ago as a tech startup within the Bolloré Group. For decades, the Group has been a prominent market player in electric shared mobility, clean tech and digital solutions optimizing the flow of people, materials and data. Building upon synergies among several entities within the Bolloré Group, Blue Systems was established to provide stateof-the-art smart mobility and smart city software solutions to cities and private companies across the globe. The company mission is to offer innovative and adaptable data processing solutions to cities facing a host of daily challenges in the field of urban mobility. In 2019, Blue Systems launched in Los Angeles providing the city the first in its kind Mobility Manager Platform. Today, Blue Systems Smart Mobility Platforms are deployed in cities in the US, Europe and the Middle East connecting over 100,000 vehicles and devices and processing over 80,000 trips daily.


Press & Partners: James Delgado, VP Bus Dev for North America / james.delgado@bluesystems.ai Christophe Arnaud, CEO / christophe.arnaud@bluesystems.ai

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