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Press release March 3rd, 2023

Blue Systems Announces the Release of Smart Patrol

Los Angeles, CA – Blue Systems announced today the upcoming release of its new product – Smart Patrol. Launched at the Curbivore conference in Downtown Los Angeles, Smart Patrol is set to significantly improve safety and efficiency of shared mobility programs in cities.

Until now, cities have faced two main obstacles preventing enforcement of their shared mobility policies. First, GPS data is often imprecise and there are technical constraints in the data flows and operators’ technical capabilities. In order to digitally enforce such policies as no parking, improper parking, tipped-over devices, blocking sidewalk or roadway, idle time, and other similar policies, the data in the platform needs to precisely reflect the actual situation on the streets. And second, the resources needed for boots-on-the-ground enforcement are extremely limited.

As a result, without any actual policy enforcement, e-scooters are often left to their own free reign causing significant complaints from local communities about serious safety hazards. Accidents and injuries happen as well, leading cities and the general public to grow hostile to micromobility.

But today, the situation changes for good with the rollout of Blue Systems Smart Patrol app, which is a real time enforcement application that will solve these problems at once.

The app allows users to view a live map of every shared mobility vehicle parked in the public right of way. Agents using the app can scan the vehicles and register violations, upload photos and store them together with the record of each violation. Recorded violations can then be uploaded to the Smart City Platform for further use of the city.


But there’s more. As a data company, Blue Systems has heavily invested in the accuracy and quality of the mobility data its Platform processes and displays, such that it actually cures data imprecision reported by mobility operators. As a result, the Platform creates the digital twin of shared mobility operations which is invaluable in the context of parking policy enforcement. It enables cities to digitally enforce parking and other violations directly within the Platform having full confidence in the accuracy of the underlying data. Only when the Platform signals a potential discrepancy, a patrol agent would need to verify the data on the streets. This feature will make mobility and parking policy enforcement significantly more streamlined and efficient.

And the best part is – cities will not need to use additional resources to enforce shared mobility because parking enforcement agents already roaming our city streets will be able to use the Smart Patrol app. The app is compatible with most parking enforcement PDAs making it seamless and easy to record shared mobility violations and sync them to the Platform’s dashboard.

Finally, the Smart Patrol app is ready to be used as a single enforcement tool for all mobility, including carsharing and TNCs.

“We look forward to deploying this technology in all cities where we operate,” said Blue Systems CEO Christophe Arnaud, adding: “We are very proud of the work we do to make our city streets safer and to have shared mobility programs operate with the Vision Zero goal in mind.”

About Blue Systems Smart Mobility:

Blue Systems is a data company helping transportation authorities achieve their goals in optimizing all urban mobility, having equity, efficiency, accessibility and vision zero in mind. New digital era allows cities to take advantage of all available mobility and curb data in real time and thus truly understand what’s happening on their streets. Blue Systems connects everything that moves and is stationed in the public right of way and gives cities tools to monitor and analyze that data and to enact and enforce data-driven regulations in near real time. It helps make our cities better places to live – with safer streets, available mobility options, optimized curb space, cleaner air and reduced traffic.

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