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Press release July 11th, 2021

Transport for London chooses Blue Systems Smart Mobility Platform to optimise micromobility within its city limits

In preparation for launching e-scooter services in Greater London, and as a result of a competitive public tender process, Transport for London (TfL) has awarded a contract to Blue Systems for the implementation of its Smart Mobility platform. With safety at its core, the platform will support TfL manage and monitor the 12-month trial. This innovative solution will enable the city to aggregate data from e-scooter rental operators into one unique platform. This will help TfL and London boroughs manage a safe trial and gain a better understanding of how e-scooters are being used, to inform future policy.

New challenges related to urban mobility and digitalisation

The surge in micromobility and infrastructure operators, as well as the gradual increase in digitalisation of transport lead cities to re-establish many of their functions and to choose smart mobility-oriented approaches and mobility data has become a key component of their successful implementation. Based on this observation, TfL has envisioned to implement a system allowing to gather near real time and historical data in one place and to use it for the purposes of optimising London’s micromobility offering, supporting informed transport planning decisions and facilitating two-way data sharing between micromobility operators, TfL and London boroughs. Blue Systems, with its Smart Mobility Platform in operation in several major cities in Europe and the US, seemed to be the perfect partner for this task.

“With advances in emerging technologies we are seeing new forms of transport such as the rise in micro mobility. We decided to seek a technology partner to help inform and implement our policy framework around encouraging safe and sustainable growth in micro mobility – without negatively impacting other active travel modes or decarbonisation goals”, says Rikesh Shah, TfL Head of Commercial Innovation. “We are pleased to have signed with Blue Systems Smart Mobility as its digital platform fits our needs in obtaining near real time visibility on the movements of vehicles across the city, therefore, managing safe operations, as well as optimising our network performance and long term planning decisions.”

Artificial intelligence serving micro mobility management and urban planning

Thanks to its artificial intelligence and data aggregation capabilities, Blue Systems Smart Mobility Platform enables cities to optimise and manage mobility within a dedicated territory and, thus, to ensure its sustainability for the city, operators and end users. The data will be gathered in this unique platform, in near real time, and will enable TfL and London boroughs to analyze it and create mobility regulations aligned with local needs and specificities.

“We are very excited to work with TfL on this innovative project,” said Blue Systems Smart Mobility CEO Christophe Arnaud. “We understand the multi-jurisdiction specificity of London and have adopted our Platform to accommodate it, enabling each authority to enact, monitor and enforce its own mobility policies and regulations only for its territory within the Platform,” explained Christophe.

An excellent tool for crisis management

Beyond micromobility management, Blue Systems Smart Mobility Platform is also a great tool for crisis management as new policies can be implemented with no delay allowing to regulate operators in near real time. With such a tool, the city or an individual borough can reorganise their urban space in a very short time if needed; for example, to limit access during big events or disasters (fires or floods), epidemics (to create quarantine zones), etc.

The horizon for Blue Systems

Blue Systems continues its expansion in the US and Europe and has recently launched its services in the Middle East. In addition to Mobility Manager, Blue Systems product portfolio includes MaaS services, MDS data lake server, Smart Parking and Smart Patrol solutions for cities. In addition, we have recently launched our Operator Manager – a data visualisation tool for mobility providers. The company also remains committed to the Open Mobility Foundation as one of its founding members.

About Blue Systems Smart Mobility

Blue Systems was established several years ago as a tech startup within the Bolloré Group. For decades, the Group has been a prominent market player in electric shared mobility, clean tech and digital solutions optimising the flow of people, materials and data. Building upon synergies among several entities within the Bolloré Group, Blue Systems was established to provide state-of-the-art smart mobility and smart city software solutions to cities and private companies across the globe. Our mission is to offer innovative and adaptable data processing solutions to cities facing a host of daily challenges in the field of urban mobility. In 2019, we launched in Los Angeles providing the city the first in its kind Mobility Manager Platform. Today, our Smart Mobility Platforms are deployed in cities in the US, Europe and the Middle East connecting over 100,000 vehicles and devices and processing over 80,000 trips daily.


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