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Mobility as
a Service

Our Platform can serve as a foundation for MaaS implementation in any city. It will enable a city to offer a user-friendly travel experience and an equitable access to all mobility solutions to residents and visitors from a unique white labeled mobile app. At the same time, the city will retain the ownership of all mobility data while participating in revenue share with private mobility providers.

Our MaaS Vision

Today, cities face many challenges – growing population, congestion, increased pollution, frequent traffic accidents, underdeveloped and unreliable public transportation, lack of transportation options in underserved communities, not to mention the consequences of the global pandemic, which will likely linger for several more months if not years.  We are here to help. Our flexible digital mobility platform addresses and mitigates at least some of these challenges cities deal with on a daily basis.

Our MaaS solution is designed to significantly improve urban transportation experience for residents and visitors of cities where we operate. It will also help private mobility providers and public transportation authorities attract new users and generate more revenue.

We truly help cities to implement the MaaS promise. We do it by:

1) Providing an advanced Platform for monitoring and managing mobility data in real-time on a region-wide scale:

2) And also bringing together strategic partners that uniquely combine a comprehensive coverage of all cutting-edge MaaS features:

Our MaaS offering features:

  • A truly innovative technology that will allow cities to offer a comprehensive mobility-on-demand service incorporating all public transportation and private mobility options available in one app.
  • A highly adaptable solution depending on the local specificities, requirements and expectations of each city and its residents.
  • On the backend, it is a user-friendly dashboard to monitor all mobility within the city in real time, analyze historical data and enact smart urban mobility policies based on that analysis
  • A one-stop-shop travel experience within any city for residents and visitors that offers all MaaS features from “service registration” to “trip summary”
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