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The arrival of micromobility vehicles and devices on the streets of our cities amplified existing parking problems.

E-scooters are often dropped chaotically across sidewalks, blocking pathways, ADA ramps, fire hydrants or abstracting flow of cars on the road. It creates all sorts of problems in cities, from mild annoyances of residents and visitors to grave safety concerns and actual accidents and injuries. Citing safety issues, some cities have elected to ban e-scooters all together. But a much better route is to create a network of mechanisms that would ensure safe and orderly operation of micromobility programs, especially when it comes to e-scooter parking.

To help cities achieve their goal of having orderly and safe urban mobility, we have developed an end-to-end solution to enforce parking and other shared mobility policies both digitally within our Mobility Manager and on the streets with our Smart Patrol App.


Smart Patrol is a smartphone application designed for city enforcement agents tasked with monitoring and enforcing violations by shared mobility vehicles. With this app, city patrol agents can monitor in real-time all shared mobility devices and vehicles parked in the public right of way, see all current violations and record them within the app upon verification on the ground.  

Just scan a vehicle, take a photo depicting the violation and register it in less than a minute. Then, upload all such violations onto the Mobility Manager Platform, which will display them along with other, digital violations. 

Smart Patrol2


Indeed, the Smart Patrol App is fully integrated with Blue Systems Mobility Manager Platform. The Platform also helps cities easily manage their shared mobility programs through the visualization of Mobility Data Specification (MDS) data feeds and creation of digital policies, such as no parking and no riding zones.

This technology by Blue Systems completely eliminates disputes over GPS inaccuracies and collects mobility data in a transparent way. And that’s because while effectively monitoring the vehicles and the devices, agents are also able to verify the accuracy of the data shared into the Platform by mobility operators.  



Just like the Mobility Manager Platform, Smart Patrol is scalable and accommodate any number of shared mobility policies. These include:

Enforce mobility policies digitally (remotely) and on the streets (physically)


in the field

Smart Patrol app complements the data from the Mobility Manager Platform and enables city patrol agents to enforce shared mobility policies in the field. The app features a heat map of all violations in real time which significantly optimizes enforcement efforts. In addition to parking violations, scanning e-scooters will reveal if they are properly registered, and if not – an automatic alert will be sent to an operator regarding the violation.


of violations

This easy-to-use app allows city patrol agents to detect violations in less than a minute by simply scanning a vehicle. Patrolling synergy is also feasible as parking enforcement officers would work not only with traditional vehicles unlawfully parked but also with new forms of mobility during the same shift, such as e-scooters.

Synergy with

Mobility Manager

Violations created by city patrol agents on the mobile application will be automatically added to the violations list already existing on the Mobility Manager Platform in such a way as to avoid creating false-positive violations caused by GPS imprecisions. For instance, whenever there is a potential uncertainty regarding a detected violation, an agent could confirm it in the field.


Blue SystemSp Logos’ enforcement services of mobility rules help cities to promote desired behavior, achieve mobility efficiency and gain control over their streets 

  • Monitor ALL devices and vehicles across all providers in real time  
  • Achieve safe and orderly urban mobility  
  • Gain control of your streets by enforcing mobility and parking policies  
  • Enforce your policies to generate additional revenue  
  • Optimize your enforcement resources